A Lot More Than a Little

Latest Release

Released 2018



  Name Time
1 Fistful of Lovin' 2:48
2 The Rocky Road 3:58
3 I Got Tomorrow 3:29
4 Miracles 4:38
5 Crystal Visions 4:36
6 Bottle & Bag 4:18
7 Boys Are Back in Town 3:49
8 Summertime 3:48
9 Ice Princess 3:19
10 Fatt Buttz 4:15
11 Take Me Away 4:33
12 Wild Horses 4:51
13 In My Dreams 4:15
14 Baby Blue 5:02
15 Miracles (Strings) 5:03

Down the Road

  Name Length
1 Down the Road 3:04
2 Fallen Angel 4:44
3 One True Love 3:46
4 Someday 3:59
5 Lost Inside America 4:07
6 Real American Hero 4:01
7 Broken Home 3:18
8 Second Time Around 3:26
9 A Brighter Day 4:25
10 Shadow of a Doubt 3:36

Nothin' For Free

  Name Length
1 Nothing For Free 3:46
2 Miracles 5:00
3 Belong (ft Sarah Dash) 3:59
4 Wastin' Time 4:40
5 Human 4:55
6 It's Alright 4:42
7 Take Me Away 4:32
8 Bottled Bag 4:14
9 Right Outside Your Door 3:36
10 Stinky Guy 3:47

Chris Gardner is a native of Buffalo, New York, and currently resides in Houston, Texas. Chris has been performing his original music around Texas and New York for the last 20 years. Chris’ music deals with the human experience, loves gained, loves lost, and the triumphs as well as the tragedies of day-to-day life. He has worked with some great musicians, recording artists, and producers in various musical idioms. Chris has also had the pleasure of recording original CD projects with Kenny Cordray ( Francine) Patrick McGuire( Gabriel ,Diamond Rio), Mark Matejka ( Charlie Daniels, Lynryrd Skynyrd)and Mike Sack, (Goo Goo Dolls),and Sarah Dash (Labelle) who he recorded a duet “Belong” with in 2011. .” He has been called one of Texas’ bright spots and has clearly solidified his place as an “innovative and solid songwriter” (Texas Music News) of both country and pop/rock.

Chris has worked with internationally renowned tenor David Lee Brewer, who has tutored and developed many well-known artists, including “Beyonce,” “Destiny’s Child,” Dawn Robinson, and Toni Braxton. Chris’ first recordings were included on a compilation CD set called The Project 12 x 12 Volumes 5 & 6 and his debut CD, "A Brighter Day," received airplay on college radio stations throughout Texas. He has played shows from New York City to Los Angeles. In the summer of 2011 Chris recorded the song “Belong” a duet with incredible Sarah Dash of Labelle. The single and the video were well received and got airplay throughout the country. He recently played to packed house at SRI studios in NYC , as well as packed showcases in Los Angeles Houston, and Dallas.

Now Chris presents his 4th CD project “Summertime”, a rich thoughtful collection of pure Americana featuring the hit single "I Got Tomorrow". Backed by a live interview and CD release concert on “Made in Texas Radio” with Texas Broadcast Hall Of Fame DJ Donna McKenzie, this is the CD that pushes Chris into the mainstream of the Americana music scene. From the hard driving “Ice Princess”, and “Bottle & Bag”, to the sweet ballads of “The Rocky Road” and “Summertime”, to the inspirational and uplifting “Miracles”. This CD will transport you back to a time when songs had big hooks, beautiful melodies, and lyrics that everyone could relate to.

“It is my hope that my music be the source the listener can draw from in life’s experiences as I have drawn on hundreds of songwriters before me, to be a soothing voice helping make sense out of life. Enjoy!”


Houston, Texas